Frequantly Asked Questions

1. How quickly can my order be ready?

If your order is a Diaper cake or Typography print, then it will be ready in 1- 2 days (plus delivery). If it is a custom cloth item, it will take 1- 4 days (plus delivery).


2. Can I pick custom colors and products?

YES! All orders are made just for you, please include any colors you wish or pick from our color swatches. As for products, you bet! If you know your mom-to-be like’s organic items, or needs a substitute item because baby powder makes her skin crawl- just enter it in the notes section of your order and we can customize the product to your personal preference (there may be an upgrade fee associated with this depending on what you request).


3. I want to order something personalized but I don't know if it’s a baby boy or baby girl, or what their name will be.

This is not a problem! If you want a gender neutral item- just pick out your colors. For more personalized items like baby stat typography just place the order and leave all the fields as custom. Once the little prince or princess is born, email the stats and your order will be processed as urgent.


What if I am a terrible person and accidently order the wrong name/spelling/birthday etc.?

Bless your heart- you had great intentions but opps you spelled Erika with a “c”-don’t worry, we will replace the mis-spelled item free of charge one time… but only if you promise to committee to memory the proper spelling of this little cutie’s name!


5. What if I am unhappy with my order?

We will do our very best to ensure the quality is of top notch- the kind of quality we would send out to Will and Kate (Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge) if they ever needed our services. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, every attempt will be made to fix it. Due to the nature of our products, something’s are non-returnable/exchangeable.