About Us

Hi there,

Glad you stopped by. If you were wondering what Diaperworks is all about, you’ve clicked on the right link. We believe all mom-to-be’s deserve to feel extra special with one of a kind gift and shower items that can be cherished-long after you forget about the pain of child birth, sleepless nights, and laundry that comes with a newborn. With something in every price range, our fully customizable items will be that special gift that will be remembered forever.

Who are we?

I am a maid, cook, chauffer, activities coordinator, Band-Aid specialist, splash monitor, shoe lace patroller, toddler poop doula, colored-dishes mediator (thanks Ikea – couldn’t just make the plates and cups all one color?!), an expert at “lost my favorite toy 5 minutes before bedtime” hide and seek, caffeinated zombie and much more. Some people simplify this as MOM.

I have three crazy sweet boys; aged 4, 1, and newborn who I just love and adore (even when they “hate me” because I made them wear shoes outside- or any other array of random ridiculous reasons) . Being a Mom has been the promotion I am constantly grateful for. I never knew such tiny people could bring me so much joy, laugh, frustration, and love all at the same time!

After years of non-stop wedding and baby showers, I came to the conclusion that personalized items are hard to come by. Even when you find the perfect gift, sometimes shipping costs, or time frames can get in the way. I often opted to make my own gifts, and the items were always loved very much. Therefore, I decided, “Hey, mine as well put my Art & Art History Degree to good use” and make items for other people who want a handmade gift but don’t have the means to do so themselves.

Located in Calgary, Ab we have just opened shop September of this year. I am a one woman operation, but my little “helpers” are always here attempting to make things a little more special aka- they will ruin stuff and I will start all over… unless you like the look of sparkles and markers all over EVERYTHING.


Diaper Giving

We are working on an exciting program, with a great non-profit which we will be announcing soon. Long story, short- get ready to donate any and all your gently used, good condition baby clothes to Diaperworks!


We are always reachable by email at: info@diaperworks.ca Or phone 403-719-6294

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram/ diaperworks.ca